How to Make LinkedIn Your Personal Marketing Assistant: A Guide for Young Professionals

Mar 16, 2023

Dear fellow young professionals, let’s talk about LinkedIn marketing. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Another boring article telling me I should be on LinkedIn. Ugh.” But hold up, I promise this won’t be your typical “LinkedIn for Dummies” guide. Instead, we’re going to make LinkedIn work for you. That’s right, no more awkwardly reaching out to strangers or constantly posting your resume. We’re going to make LinkedIn your personal marketing assistant, because let’s face it, who has the

  • Start with a Strong Headline

We’ve all heard it before: “first impressions are everything.” And in the blogging world, that first impression is usually your headline. You want it to be attention-grabbing and unique, so you can separate yourself from the sea of other young professionals on LinkedIn. Try using humor, puns, or even emojis in your headline. Trust me, a headline like “Marketing Maverick🤠🚀| Obsessed with Dogs🐶🐾” will catch recruiters’ eyes and show off your personality.

  • Use Multimedia

Tired of boring text posts? Same. That’s why multimedia is the way to go! LinkedIn offers options like photos, videos, and even polls to spice up your content. Showcase your work with a portfolio post, give a virtual tour of your workplace, or share a funny meme about your job. The possibilities are endless, but just make sure it aligns with your professional brand.

  • Engage with Your Network

Alright, you’ve got a great headline and your posts are looking solid. But how do you actually get your content seen by recruiters and peers? The answer is: engagement. That’s right, you can’t just post something and expect hundreds of likes and comments to flood in. You need to actively engage with your network, like and comment on others’ posts, and even join LinkedIn groups related to your industry. This will not only increase your visibility, but also show off your communication skills to potential employers.

  • Use LinkedIn’s Features to Your Advantage

LinkedIn offers some pretty nifty features that can help you stand out to recruiters. One of my favorites is LinkedIn Recommendations. These are written by colleagues, managers, or professors who can attest to your skills and work ethic. Having positive recommendations on your profile is like a digital version of a reference letter. Another feature worth noting is LinkedIn Learning. This offers online courses and certifications in a variety of subjects from Excel to graphic design. Adding completed courses to your profile can show initiative and a desire to constantly improve your skills.

  • Don’t Forget to Be Yourself

Alright, last but not least, be yourself! This is something that’s often overlooked on LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality, passions, and hobbies. After all, recruiters don’t just look for technical skills, but also for someone who’s a cultural fit. If you love cooking, share a recipe or even start a LinkedIn group for foodies. If you’re into hiking, post a picture from your last adventure. The point is, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

And there you have it folks, a guide to making LinkedIn your personal marketing assistant. By starting with a strong headline, using multimedia, engaging with your network, utilizing LinkedIn’s features, and staying true to yourself, you can stand out to recruiters and build your personal brand. So, go forth and make LinkedIn work for you!